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Regular gathering

At the regular One Note One Spirit gathering, people meet to have fun by playing percussive instruments, using voices, and moving bodies as they feel like. While some of us playing, dancing and singing, others might enjoy listening and feeling it as laying down. 

Everything happens spontaneously.  No musical experiene nor any skills are needed. It is a very friendly and supportive environment.  Just BE, FEEL, and EXPRESS  yourself in a way you like.  You might be surprised by harmonious vibrations we all create together.  It could be meditative or somewhat theraputic for some people,too. 



We have some percussive instruments such as shakers, hand drums, bells, singing bowls, etc… for you to play but please feel free to bring yours. 

See "Event Schedule" for our next gathering. 

Admission $10 up



When the weather permits we bring One Note One Spirit outside.

On Call

Community service

We bring "one note one spirit" to the places such as  assisted living  facilities, disability day care centers, senior community and schools upon requests. 

Party Maker
We also bring the joy of "One Note One Spirit" to your party, gallary opening reception and etc. 
To book us, contact :
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