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What people are saying about One Note One Spirit:

"I love the fact that we do everything spontaneously. I also like that there is no judgement in this community.

I enjoy playing drums and trying other instruments. Feeling the sense of oneness as a group is also wonderful.

One Note One Spirit is the place I can be FREE."    

"It took me 43 years to build a hard shell around myself and took me one year to break it and discover "true me" by perticipating One Note One Spirit! One Note One Spirit is to me the place where I can enjoy whatever I want with beautiful friends, creating beautiful sound, and truely enjoy being present.  It is a place where people accept any conditions of me, however I am that day... 

Reexamining who I am deep inside through sound while creating harmony of love, we heal each other."

"One Note One Spirit made me feel that I was able to live more freely breaking my fixed notion!

Whether I do or do not do anything they leave me alone. They don't judge me. 

They always accept who I am. That is the place I always want to come back to."

"We do only what we want to do: making sound, using voice, moving our body...anything that makes us feel good. Expressing ourselves in that way by using our mind and body, One Note One Spirit is just like detoxification. It just feels refreshing and great. I think that many people have a desire to go beyond our limitation more or less. One Note One Spirit is the place where we can make that desire come true. To me that is a place where I can expand my horizon in such a joyful manner. "

"I love people there."

"No matter what you do or not, they leave you alone. Very easy going."

"This is the best way to release my stress. It simply feels good. "

"With One Note One Spirit, I often find out what I am truely feeling deep inside. Great surprise... and helpful.  Since joining them, it feels like I can express myself easier than before in my daily life as well." 

"I have believed that improvisation is only for professional musicians who study that. But while doing One Note One Spirit regularly, melodies started to come out of me so naturally! This is unbelievable and FUN. I did not know that I had them in me. "

"I enjoy making harmonious tone with other members spontaneously."

"I love laying down and listen to the sound."

"It is another form of meditation to me. "

"These days I find myself looking for some musical insruments all the time!"





好き勝手に楽しむ美しい仲間、それぞれに美しい音を出し愛 今ここを 楽しめる場。





























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